April 28th - Official Zork Holiday

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April 28th - Official Zork Holiday

Post by DataAngel »

I hereby the powers that I don't actually have and no one is crazy enough to give me anyways, declare that April 28th be the official birthday celebration for Zork.

This day on April 28th 1982 for Release Number 23, is so far the earliest date we can find for Zork, research data done by 'Andy'.

Look back here for updates on the traditions founded on Zork Day!

1) Play Zork1 by lantern light if possible (TRY to finish it on that day).
2) Official traditional drink consists of Rye Beer.
3) Toast:
Want some Rye?
Course you do.
Here's to us.
Who's like us?
d**ned few.
And they're all dead.
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Re: April 28th - Official Zork Holiday

Post by Reaver »

Wow, an official Zork day on April 28, then my birthday two days later.  April can't possibly get any better!

And I'll have to play Zork I by Battery-Powered Brass Lantern light (no joke).
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