Vampire: Bloodlines

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Vampire: Bloodlines

Post by DataAngel » Sun Nov 21, 2004 3:43 am

Hmmm, well my impressions so far.

The FIRST thing my friend said when I asked him how the game was he said, "the game appears buggy".

The SECOND thing I did was read a few reviews, which all pointed out that it was buggy, had sound issues, clipping issues etc.

The THIRD thing I did was buy and install the game, finding that YES the game is buggy, graphics could be much better and the combat system is weak. I also cannot stand the change between first person and third person. I have found that VERY little games that play in third person immerse you in the characters place, seeing yourself tends to ruin that experience.

In the case with the metal gear games, they are very fun and enjoyable but immerseless in the sense that you FEEL like you are really playing as the person, rather you tend to feel you are watching them act and you don't have as much interaction as you would if it were first person. This aside, I wouldn't bother playing the game unless you are a hardcore fan of the paper and pencil game or REALLY like vampire stuff.

Anyone else have any impressions?

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