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- 2-5-05 -
Project nearing cancellation, please feel free to email DataAngel with any input or feedback.

- 10-17-03 -
It must appear like we don't do anything and your probably right... :-{ However, don't let this fool you, we are still well underway, and am making good progress. I have created an outline which covers about 4 areas, and is in order of travel. This outline includes everything from the time of day to the NPCs and the goal for that area. I am still hard at work on it.

- 4-25-03 -
New Z:THE site! Progress is still well underway.


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In an underground cavern below the Flathead Mountains, an alchemist was seeking immortality. The alchemists of that age, way before ZN took place, knew little about their trade, but they tried. And tried. And tried.

He was expirementing with trolls (I told you they didn't know much ) and granola trying to find out how trolls lived so long and granola never went bad. There was a great earthquake, and a bit of dirt fell into the trolls mouth. The alchemist spilled a jar of flaming alchohol into its mouth. Combined with the saliva in his mouth, and the air he was breathing, the elements came together. The troll thus achieved immortality, but was banished from his physical body.

A few hundred years later, an unknown adventurer went into the jungles in search of the demon, and slayed him, and found out that there were vast amounts of treasure in the demon's hideaway, taken from various wanderers and different cities. Taking the amulet, he/she brought it to the Borphee river and cast it in. It was not seen again until King Bulbee finds it.



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Borphee Map

Borphee City

Borphee Sign

Borphee Museum

Victorian House

Easter Egg