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Forum Changes

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:41 am
by KM3K
Changes are afoot!

As you've probably noticed, the "Zork Files and Information" and "Zork Game Reviews" forums have been removed. Don't worry, the content hasn't been lost!

The posts from the "Zork Files and Information" section have been turned into web pages, like they used to be several years ago. They can be found via the home page at For ease of access, you can also reach them via these links:

Zork Files and Information Due to less activity in the Zork Game Reviews forum and the Zork Library forums as a whole, I merged the posts from Zork Game Reviews into the Zork Chat forum. There was a lot of overlap in the two forums already, so I think combining them will work well.

Also, going forward, I will try to mirror the news posts on the home page with a new post here in the TZL News forum. This will help keep things consistent and makes certain aspects of site management a little simpler.