ZGI Cuts and Edits

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ZGI Cuts and Edits

Post by Savannah »

Can anyone remember when ZGI was edited and cut back? Some rumor said it was to make room for the other things and another rumor drifted around that it might have been a 3 disk release?  During the creation there was talk about how there was supposed to be more to the monostary (re-created with the cave in on the stairs) more to the Lantern Shop, more to the area around the White House and a deleted scene with one of the older Inquisition Guards.

There was once a website that had some of these deleted scenes & sounds.  Is it still around?
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Re: ZGI Cuts and Edits

Post by brian0918 »

I'm pretty sure GUE-Network has at least some of this:
http://www.gue-network.com/pages/activi ... i_info.htm
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