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The Encyclopedia Frobozzica Online?

Posted: Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:34 am
by MacCentris
Hello! I was checking the Encyclopedia Frobozzica online here:

I am not sure if that's supposed to be official or what, I saw it in the past but just for kicks I wanted to see the "Illuminite" entry and nothing :(

Does anybody know the references to that collection? I ask because I own the Encyclopedia Frobozzica that came with Return To Zork, unfortunately it is in my parents house now, so I can't pull it out and refer to it. Also if I decided to include the entries would they allow me to?

Another thing, I know wikicode really well. I might just decide to create an Encyclopedia Frobozzica wiki, is that a good idea or are there some out there that you know of? Thanks for helping!