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Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 10:17 pm
by DrPaul
I was wondering if any of you guys have seen the recent movie "Stardust."  I'm fairly certain that SiriusStar has seen it because it looks so much like her drawings, it should be right up her alley.  

Anyway, I've seen it twice already.  I thought it was really cool, a bit Zorkish and something that would probably appeal to most of you Zork fans, so I figured I would mention it and give it a high recommendation.

Re: Stardust

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:02 am
by DataAngel
I wasn't sure about it or not, but now that you mention it, I'll make a point to check out the trailer and maybe go see it.

Re: Stardust

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:00 am
by Siriusstar
You're right, Dr. Paul, I loved it! :)  I saw it with a friend on opening night. I saw the preview in front of the Fantastic Four movie and knew I HAD to see it.

There was a ton to love about this movie. It was well-paced, lovely to look at and nicely acted and cast. The story was sweetly romantic, without being trite or saccharine, smart without being arrogant and adventuresome without too much need to suspend disbelief. It was seamless in a way that books-into-movies almost never are. (I admit that it likely helps that it was a short story. Much as it did with 'The Illusionist.') The atmosphere is great and subtly fantastical. This is not a big, bangy, in-your-face movie, but a delightfully well-crafted one. I loved the ending, too.  

It was a bit Zorkish, wasn't it? Humor mixed with dire circumstances and magical quirkiness. It certainly reminded me of my own story on a few occasions.

Re: Stardust

Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:15 am
by jhonsadins
Hi there..
Stardust is definitely a very entertaining movie. It is simply not the great film that could have been.