Frigid River in Zork I versus "Dungeon" Zork

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Frigid River in Zork I versus "Dungeon" Zork

Post by Jeroen » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:03 pm

I am playing through the Dungeon, mainframe version of Zork. Terrific fun, but I do have a bit of a mapping issue. It is about how the Frigid River runs after Aragain Falls.

According to the description in Zork I, the "Canyon View" location is on the west wall of a canyon, and the Frigid River runs through it. The player climbs down from there, and eventually happens upon the rainbow, which eventually provides the connection to the other shore on the eastern side of the river. The river flows southwards.

In Dungeon, however, "Canyon View" is on the south wall of the canyon. The Frigid River still flows from the north or northwest southwards. From the Canyon View, the player climbs down and again encounters the rainbow which now crosses over to the west in the vicinity of the Aragain Falls. My question is, where does the river go downstream from here? The well-known map that was published in the "DEC Professional" journal and Dave Lebling's own map seem to disagree on this issue. The former seems to move (or force) the canyon to the west of the White House (despite the layout of the underlying part of the GUE), while on the latter, the canyon -- and the river -- seems to simply end rather abruptly.

Any thoughts on this?

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