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Uh oh, my sword is blowing glue!
Uh oh, my sword is blowing glue!
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Post by Andy »

I apologise for dissapearing again. I just split with my girlfriend, who I was about to propose to and it turned my life upside down.

As such, I haven't been online or doing anything lately.

I'm in the process of putting my life back together, so once again my site is on hold. If anyone is actually interested in it still? Sorry, just my paranoia seeping through, there. If the girl I loved decided she doesn't want me around, then who does?
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Re: Apologies

Post by DataAngel »

ummm alrighty then... maybe i should open a section for advice... that is if anyone wants to hear it or give it...

all i can say is welcome back, dont have self pity, life goes on and theres always more women, if she knew you were being this hard on yourself then she probably will get even more satisfaction for the split, don't give it to her, show her you can move on fine without her. <-- assumption may be incorrect... and I don't mean to come across rude.

On that note, Sorry man. :-{
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Re: Apologies

Post by Aussie_Zork_Fan »

Sorry to hear that, I know it can be tough on people. I have a friend who broke up with his fiancee recently. They are both in the Australian Army and seemed real close too.
A white house, what?
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Re: Apologies

Post by Fennyariel »

I'm 50 years old so I can talk this way. All that tells you is she's no good for you and to go find somebody else! ;v)
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