Unable to play Zork on Vista 64

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Unable to play Zork on Vista 64

Post by Zorkmid »

I have a single DVD that worked in Windows XP, but cannot be used to do a normal setup in Vista.

I found a special set of online directions where you copy a bunch of files from the DVD into the proper places.

Everything works now including all the sounds except that the SPEAKER at the beginning cannot be heard and you cannot solve the very first puzzle getting ahold of the can because turning it up when it is silent makes no difference.

This is not an isolated problem for windows 64, because i saw another post in the same venue.

I'm also not just a complete hack at this type of stuff because I was able to jump through a whole bunch of hoops to get Starship Titanic to run on my Vista 64. They tell you all the files to upload, etc. but they forget to tell you to copy the main folder into C:\Program Files (x86), which is what ultimately solves the problem.

How in the world can the sound ALMOST be completely working, but the speaker unable to be heard?

What file is missing or not in the right place or what is Vista 64 unable to handle? Please advise.
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Re: Unable to play Zork on Vista 64

Post by MacCentris »

Uh oh, sounds like the propaganda problem I read before. Check this post and see if that helps, I'm not sure how it can be fixed. My husband is playing his in Vista and it works, but we used the 2 CD install version instead. I have no idea if that makes a difference though.

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