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Zork Zero easter eggs

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:20 am
by StephenEinbinder
There are three "for your amusement" results that I don't understand.
One suggestion is: Talk to the giant brogmoid. When I do so, I get the standard response as if I'm talking to any other inanimate object. Has anybody out there talked to the brogmoid and gotten a response other than the "schizo" one?
Another is: Sing a lullaby to an inanimate object, when the jester is around, and when no other character is around.
When I do so, the response is the same regardless of the jester's presence.
Another involves the potion. Many of the results are amusing, such as listening to the tired pine or the lilies in the Delta. But one suggestion involves listening to the roots under the world. The roots are silent like any other inanimate object.
Maybe different releases of this game generate different results in these cases?