Zork 3D Remake, (Need to know if is a good idea) PLZ Support

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Zork 3D Remake, (Need to know if is a good idea) PLZ Support

Post by Parzival »

Me and 2 friends have become fans of Zork after playing it (as it was mentioned in Ready Player One), and we collaboratively decided to remake the old game in a full HD first person (and possibly co-op) free game. I am planning to add some new mechanics that will not change the game, but make it more interesting when ported with graphics. I am new to code, but will be using blueprint on the Unreal Engine to make it work. It will now be finished for probably over a year to 2 years, but I hope that it comes to fruition. I hope my fellow Zork players will and accept the idea of Zork I: The Great Underground Empire to be remade without violating the integrity and spirit of the game.

I have the source code as reference and someone to supply me with real life 3D scans. Plus there will be a custom soundtrack reminiscent of older games like Gauntlet, Castlevania, etc.

I hope you'll support this.

P.S. This is more of a concept now, but will gain progress by december.
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Re: Zork 3D Remake, (Need to know if is a good idea) PLZ Sup

Post by KM3K »

I'd love to see/hear more as the game develops and would be happy to test any builds of the game as it is developed.

Since Unreal Engine is now cross-platform, please consider making builds for Mac OS X and Linux since a number of this website's users use those operating systems.

Good luck with your work! :-)
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