Zork Nemesis on win7 64x

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Zork Nemesis on win7 64x

Post by pocutz »

I'm new to this forum and english is not my natural language,so excuse my mistakes.
I played zork when I was a little boy,seemed then too hard for me,now I got the first Zork Nemesis but I can't make it work :((
followed the steps corectly...but still gives me an error (could not start the installer,says it's not compatible with x64)
the error is like this : Nemesis Error Log
Error -00001:c :\zork\Fx\Fxmgr.cpp, line 608:Art unavailable: u000b51c.tga
after this i push ok and the another error...like: Nemesis Error Log
Error 16004:c:\zork\eng\SIDEFX.CPP, line 1038: Couldn't load the new screen

I'm not so noob in computers...tried dosBOX,Microsoft Virtual PC...have no ideea what to do.Please Help.Thank You
A white house, what?
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Re: Zork Nemesis on win7 64x

Post by merle_stone »

I found the solution I hope;). I play Zork Nemesis on Windows XP. The problem is probably on the "nemesis.zix" file.
Here is solution: the website thezorklibrary at com slash installguides slash zn-win.html (sorry but I don't have permission to post links or domain;)

- change the "nemesis.zix" file and probably everything will be ok;)
ps sorry for my english;) it's not my "first" language
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