Too late, final spoilers, real value of LoZ face cards...

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Too late, final spoilers, real value of LoZ face cards...

Post by MacCentris »

Hey guys, who cares about this now, but it's part of Zork history and should be in the Compendium, feast your eyes and look at the wonderful benefits of face cards: ... sing-cards

Face card values and missing cards

We've posted this in spoilers just in case there are still those who would rather not know.

Maximum health increased by 2

Final win probability increased by 2%

Zorkmids looted increased by 5% after successful combat

Enemy attack rating decreased by 10% (this isn't the same as Death -
this directly reduces enemy AR by 10%)

5 extra action points per day

Prices in stores reduced by 5%

Carrying capacity increased by 20%
+3% chance of item drop after battle

.....and your missing face cards

10% chance of +1 max health after successful battle

One of the above activated at random each day

Am I the only one who thinks, who the heck cares? Why would they give us this NOW? Why didn't they just SAY IT before? What's the point, and why dare they call them spoilers!? Who would have found them anyway, and what's the point of having them in-game if you don't know what they're for? Whatever >:(

It's TOO LATE, too late.... :-[
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