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Inform 7

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Hey all! It's been about eight years since I was here last, but I just dropped in to see if anyone here was aware of the Inform 7 engine for creating Interactive Fiction? I watched a video (below) and was pretty amazed with the fact that someone has created a method to create IF that seems to focus on the creative side...without having to have extensive programming skills. I really like the interface and relative ease to create.

I downloaded the thing about an hour ago, and was able to create a very simple floor plan, as detailed in the brief vid. I'll prolly try to print some documentation and read up on this. The upshot is that it looks very user friendly, compared to writing code and will hopefully lead to some new user created Quendor stuff.

Here's the vid that convinced me to download the thing:
Give it a look.

Edit: Didn't realize Inform 7 was five years old! LOL! I've really been out of touch with IF! At any rate, I still plan on looking into this, looks like it could be fun.
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