47 Tips for Building a Better Sand Castle Belboz ? (757-966)
101 Tips for Aspiring Adventurers??(<1247)
900 Questions on Just About EverythingZorbius Blattus?
999 Days ? ? (<945)
1000 Really Nasty Spells for the Aspiring Warlock??(<1247)
A Meticulous Tracing of Temporal Lateralism in the GUE, with Marinara ? ? (770-789)
Alchemical Wedding, The: Love as the 5th Element Cornelius Agrippa ? (666-?)
Alchemy: Thoughts from Al-razorki Al-razorki JU-M-BO Books (<945)
Alchemy of Pure Love C. Barajas Vast Wasteland Press 875
Analecta LoowiticaLoowit Flathead?801

Astronomy for a New Age: The Brogmoid Fallacy, or
Why The Earth is Not Flat After All

Dr. Curl Zaygan Chaos House Press (770-949)
Baffling Behavior of Babbling Baby Brogmoids Biting Broccoli, The
(c. 957)
Best of the New Zorker, The ? Scoffman Publishing (945-949)
Better Spell Manufacturing: In Under Ten Minutes ? ? (<966)
Biological and Thaumaturgical Properties of Mareilon Moss, The Thwack of Mareilon ? 845
Bizboz at GalepathGustar Woomax?(880-957)
Blood Alchemist, The Dr. Lewis Sartorius New Zork Press (<915)
Books of Saint YorukYoruk?425
Brief History of Magic, A Gustar Woomax Popular Enchanting 927
Brogmoid Fallacies, The Francois Malveaux ? (900-923)
Castle Watching: A Field Guide
Cave's Notes: On the Presence of Incredibly Weird Stuff Going On Cave ? (<966)
Coconut of Quendor, The : Reality or Illusion?Gustar Woomax?(880-957)
Connection Between Birth and the Stars, The ? ? (<945)
Constellation Movement and Planets: Controlling the Spheres Dr. [?] Sartorius ? (<945)
Construction of the Empire, The Mumboz Agrippa ? (667-896)
Crimes and Penalties??(<945)
Dark Age of Frobozz, The Sybar Zeebin ? (883-896)
De administribus frobica Ozmar ? (<945)
Dimwit and the Flatheads Exposed G. Scarvitz ? (770-945)
Early Myths of Frobozz, The
Froboz Mumber
Embryo, The: Mystical Conception and Creation (or Wind-up Top) ? ? (<945)
Enchanter Never Rings Twice, The: 101 Uses for REZROV Wilbar Memboob ? (<957)
Encyclopedia Frobozzica, 966 GUE Abridged Edition Nino Ruffini ? 966
Field Guide to the Creatures of Frobozz, Abridged Edition ? Borphee Infotaters, Inc (913-957)
Field Guide to the Creatures of Frobozz, Unabridged Edition Jason Shanboz Borphee Infotaters, Inc 913
Float, Fluoresce and Freeze: My Life in Magic The Wizard of Frobozz Burloni Books (770-948)
Flood Control Dam #3 Guidebook ? ? (783-948)
Frobozz Magic all Organic Processor Recipes ? ? (<1050)
G.U.E. On Nine Zorkmids a Day: A Traveller's Guide to the Great Underground Empire Lester Foozilbarmumboz Frobozz Magic Book Company 873
Genetic Origins of Flat-Headedness, The Flathead, Leonardo ? 757
Gluttonous Recipes of the Fat and Unemployed?Gurth Publishing(c. 1067)
Government of Ancient Cities and the Role of the Apricot FruitLester Foozilbarmumboz??
Granola Riots, The Gustar Woomax,
Wilbar Memboob
? (880-957)
Great Underground Empire, The: A HistoryFroboz MumbarFrobozz Magic Book Company896
Great Underground Empire, The: Toasts Boos Miller ? (1640-?)
Great Wines of the New Empire??(<945)
Grues: Another Look Frogo "Stubs" Gurble ? (<1066)
Guardian Spirit Speaks to Trouble Teens, A Glorian of the Knowledge ? (possibly unpublished) (>circa 960)
Hades on Five Zorkmids a Day ? Powers That Be Printing Office (<966)
Harnassing the Earth: The Magic of Minerals ? ? (<945)
Heroic Behavior: Some Do's and Don'ts ? Powers That Be Printing Office
Publication No. 6014-B
History of Early Quendor, A Bilmum Foobar ? (<945)
History of the Great Underground Empire, The ? ? (<948)
History of the World Blank, Marc ? (<949)
How to Hypnotize Yourself ? ? (<1067)
How to Win at Double Fanucci ? ? (659-966)
How Two Wrongs Can Make a Right??(<945)
I Can't Believe You'd Ask Such a Stupid Question About Zylon the Aged Zilbo I ? (398-423)
I'm Rich and you Aren't - So There! J. Pierpont Flathead ? (749-789)
Interview with a Grue Andrew Zilber
? (883-949)
Journal of Quendoran Medicine ? from Galepath University 870s
Joy of Encryption, The ? ? (920-945)
Joy of Spells, The Wilbar Memboob ? (<957)
Knots of LuckBen Fyshin?c. 1640s
Legend of Wishbringer, The Violet Voss Festeron Historical Museum (c.<1063)
Life of Thaddium Fzort, The Froblivius ? (<949)
Line of Fire ? ? (<945)
LivesFuzbo Glort?(972-1699)
Lives of the Twelve Flatheads, The Boswell Barwell ? 804
Lord Kwisko, Pretender Antor Zilbarion ? (c. 375)
Lore and Legends of Quendor MNG Infocom (811-966)
Mage versus ArchmageGustar Woomax?(880-957)
Magic During Wartime Cezil Bi ? (<945)
Magic with Mirrors ? ? (<962)
Manifestations of Eru and His ImplementorsAntor Zilbarion?386
Midlands of Quendor, The Lester Foozilbarmumboz ? (>398)
Mumberthrax: The Man Behind the Legend Boswell Barwell ?
Musings on the Power of Melody, The ? Barajas Books (<945)
My Best Excesses Dimwit Flathead ? (770-789)
Myths of Quendor, The Belboz ? (1000-1050)
Natural & Supernatural Creatures of Quendor ? ? (<1050)
New Blood Alchemists, The: Reaching Beyond the Fifth Essence ? ? (<945)
New Year's Revolt, The Jezbar Foolion ? (740-896)
Of Men & War ? ? (<945)
On Men??(<945)
On Music and Perfection: Musings on the Power of MelodyR. FluddZnopf Publishing(732-945)
On the Benefits of Keeping Ears CleanRalph Waldo FlatheadAntharia University(766-789)
On the Discoloration of Roadside Slush Ralph Waldo Flathead (not published) (766-789)
On the Evil of the Zucchini PlantBizboz?459
On the History of Language
Litbo Mumblehum
On the Horrible Flatness of the WorldBizboz?

On the Presence of Incredibly Weird Stuff Going On Bizboz ? 473
Path to Musical Perfection ? Shyman and Sunther (<945)
Planetary Coordinates for the Pure Soul ? ? (<945)
Prophet of the Northlands Litbo Mumblehum ? (c. 400)
Revelation and Eternity

Revenge of the DornbeastsGustar Woomax?(880-957)
Ring of Fire ? ? (<945)
Rise and Fall of Zork, The Unknown Sweepstakes Winner
(edited by Mavis Peepers)
? (1647)
Rules of Fanucci, The
Seventy Year Snidgel, The Harv Dornfrob ? (666-896)
Skipping Rocks on the Lake of Tears (poetry)unknown Shanbar resident?<1647
Sleeping Your Way to Power Entharion the Wise ? (0-41)
So You Want to Sack an Empire Uncle Frobizzmus ? (883-896)
Social Treatises of Farn Fzort Farn Fzort ? (<398)
Spelling for Beginners ? ? (<957)
Spells and the Single Sorcerer Wilbar Memboob ? (<957)
Strange Diseases of the Great Underground Empire ? ? (668-945)
Thaumaturgical Properties of Music and the Five Notes, The ? ? (<945)
Theological Institutes
Time Travel for Dummies ? ? (770-1050)
Tortle, Fact or Actuality?, The ?

Powers That Be Printing Office
Publication No. 127-DJH

Treatise on the Insupressability of Magic in a Fundamentally Magic LandDalboz of Gurth?(966-1047)
True History of the World, The Lebling, Dave ? (<949)
Twelve Hundred Steps to Self Containment in the Post Magical Era, The
Mir Yannick
Twenty-Two Favorite Exorcism Prayers of the Great Underground Empire
(a.k.a. The Book of Commandments
? ? (<883)
Universal Magic-Unauthorized and Banned??(1058-67)
Utribiz Oomum Flaxil Zobs:
Great Underground Empire's Leading Health Research Foundation, The
? from Mithicus (668-945)
Voyage of Captain ZahabCaptain Zahab (?)?(967-1067)
Why Doorknobs are Necessary Ralph Waldo Flathead Antharia University (766-789)
Wisdom of the Implementors, The ? ? (<948)
Wizard of Froon, The L. Frank Fzort?(<966)
Wizipedia: A Guide to Ruinous Ruins??(<1247)
World is Round, The: Conspiracy of the Brogmoids, The Dr. Z. Stagaster ? (<945)
Wouldn't it be Fun to Live Underground? Lorissa Frob ? (666-896)
You Can Have Your Child and Eat it Too??(<945)
Zork: The Return of Evil Rebecca Snoot ? (c. 1647)
Zylon the Aged??(>398)