What in the name of the Great Brogmoid are they? (Mayor Spildo)
What the flamin’ Zork? (Caspar)
Zork! (Satchmoz)
Zork knows… (Satchmoz)
Zork knows why. (Caspar)
hold onto your glorbs (Bozbarland ad)
Great Zilbo's Ghost! (Megaboz)
What in Frob's name? (Ellron)
Great Fires of Frobizzle! (Ellron)
Frobs above, you saved me again! (Syovar x2)
fluttering frobnoids (Logrumethar)
but I cannot for all Zork remember... (Wizard of Frobozz)
in the name of Yoruk (Tortured Soldier in Irondune)
in the name of the Implementors (Tortured Soldier in Irondune)
Gadzooks! (Frobwit)
Great Implementor! (Althea)
by the scraggly beard of Dimwit Flathead himself (Stribel)
Oh, Implementors! (resident of Port Foozle)
Holy hungus! (Antharia Jack)
what a load of yipple dung (Antharia Jack)
you fat lot of yipple dung (Inquisition curfew recording)
Thank Yoruk! (Marvin)
Oh Zoiks! (Dalboz)
Sweet Yoruk! (Lucy Flathead, Dalboz of Gurth)
Holy Yoruk's teeth! (the Professor)

as miserable as a pair of rotgrubs with only one carcass between them (Caspar Wartsworth)
useless little boot licker (Captain Chulig)
rot-brain (Sunrise)
son of an immoral grue (Esmerelda)
little bimbette (brigand of Mauldwood)
boulderbrain (Fred)
troll brain (Fred)
fat flatfooted brogmoids (Erasmus Sartorius)
fickle yipple-brained masses (Bivotar)
such a noodge
by the blood of the Zorkers (Spike)
get the Hades (Spike)
fuddle on it (Anesi)
fuddlehead (Stribel)
frogging brainless rotgrub (Anesi)
stupid rotgrub (L. Rhonda)
fat little troll (Gurthark's elder sister)
bumbling grue (Mirik)
dumb hungus (Antharia Jack, Old Irondune Soldier)
rat-ant (Dalboz)
hairy brogmoid (Ryker)
monkey grinder (Accardi shopkeeper)
yipple dung (various)
that piece of grue-bait (unknown, Second Age of Magic)
hungusly bad (unknown, Second Age of Magic)
pompous old troll
Grue got your tongue? (Troll Leader)
frobozo (Lighthouse Keeper)
Are you just going to stand there like a marble on a flathead? (Lighthouse Keeper)

feel like an infotater with no glow [when dizzy]
chasing after the wrong rotgrub (Belegur)
a wild grue chase
a wild minx chase (Slye)
somebody let the yipple out of the jar
like searching for a yellow grotch in a hay field (Zilbo)
I'd rather be trapped in a cage full of babbling brogmoids (Belboz)
looked like a dirty little kobold [if someone is dirty] (Anesi)
may the shadow of a serpent's smile never cross your path (khare)
may your spellbook grow full as a drunkard's glass (Khare)
No point crying over spilled potion, I always say. (Stribel Wartsworth)
better than a barrel of brogmoids
That is as well-hidden as a grue's features (Radnor -- mocking Frobwit for his incompentence with magic)
You're so zorkmid and you don't even know it. (Harry)
My career would be down the bottomless pit (Antharia Jack impersonator)
a second rate yipple
windcat and mouse game (unknown, Second Age of Magic)
would have spread faster than grues from a pit (Bozbik, Second Age of Magic)
She picks up languages faster than a zorklitz. (Mavis Peepers)
There's a light at the end of this grue-infested tunnel (unknown, 966 GUE)