Following in the footsteps of my late revered mentor, I have taken up the task to finish what he had begun, a complete historical chronology of Zork, from the time of its birth at the hands of the divine Eru The One, until the cessation of the Third Age of Magic. Although certain portions of this scholarly work may be rudimentary, Eru permitting, I may in the future take it upon my shoulders to polish up the work which is nothing more than a compilation with some personal expositions upon some of the anonymous adventurers.

While not a pressing burden upon my heart, it is also within my intentions to compose a revised edition of this work, especially should more ancient manuscripts be unearthed. I must admit, that in my haste to release this collection to the public, I have omitted several recently discovered tales surrounding the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic. Should The One grace me with many more years, perhaps he will permit me to append those tales to their respective era. Nevertheless, while one may be consumed with the accounts of the past, let us never be distracted from the present, and forsake to render all our resources unto the Great Eru, the Maker of all that is. May The One bless you with a greater understanding of his creation through this account. Eru bless.
-Andrew Harrington, Bel Naire Temple, 1699 GUE

History of Zork
Appendix II: The Ages of Zork