AIMFIZ teleport caster to someone's location
BAYALA bodily deformation
BEBURTT create the illusion of inclement weather HIGH <966
BITTYJOO make lies undetectable (and chocolate to vaporize)
BLORB safely protect a small object as though in a strong box
<956Zm16 (957 GUE)
BLORPLE explore object's mystic connections
BOOR***UIL ?something about toothless creatures
BOOZNIK reverse spells in spellbook DEEP <966
BORCH put insects to sleep
BOZBAR cause an animal to sprout wings
CASKLY cause perfection
CLEESH change a creature into a small amphibian
CONBAK build strong bodies 12 different ways
DABHHU ensure complete obedience of subject (lasts one hour)
DRATSAY willfully avoid sending spirit through time MIDDLE <966
DRILBO strip a floor of yellowed wax
ELIWRAN deactivate time tunnels MIDDLE <966
ELKKIZ turn things invisible
ESPNIS causes sleep
ESREVER reverse use of other spell
EXEX make things move with greater speed
FAIFT change appearance to look younger
FILFRE display gratuitous fireworks
<956Zm2 (966 GUE)
FIZMO cause stopped-up pipes to unclog
FOBLUB glue audience to seats

FRIPPLE erect a magic barrier around a town
FROLG tie stuff in knots DEEP <966
FROTZ cause an object to give off light
<665Zm12 (957 GUE)
FWEEP turn caster into bat
GASPAR provide for your own resurrection
c. 957
GILCH astral travel
GIRGOL stop time
GHEL-OOH suspend subject in a gelatinous substance
GIVANS make a conscious effort to stay out of other bodies DEEP <966
GIZGUM predict visits from relatives
GLORF magically untie knots DEEP <966
GLOTH fold dough 83 times
GNUSTO write a magic spell into your spell book
GOLGATEM create a bridge over a body of water HIGH <966
GOLMAC travel temporally
GONDAR extinguish fire
GORCH ??? (create ladder?)
<966Zm26 (957 GUE)
GUNCHO banish someone to another plane of existence
IMALI worsen eyesight
IGRAM turn purple things invisible DEEP <966
IZWOW ??? (more advanced flying spell)
IZYUK fly like a bird

JINDAK detect magic

KCORHT cause vegetation to wilt DEEP

KEPMKOMN cause massive destruction to specified edifices

KENDALL simplify instructions MIDDLE

KINZOOB (?? un-reverse spells in spellbook ??) DEEP

KOAASST play soothing ambient music

KRAK drastically slows times (may cause disorientation)

KREBF repair willful damage

KULCAD dispel a magic spell

LESOCH cause gust of wind

LEXDOM create lock and key MIDDLE <966
LIDIBO make a creature think you're really, really ugly HIGH

LISKON shrink a living thing

LLADNEK make instructions more complicated MIDDLE

LOBAL sharpen hearing
LOUGANIS prevent drowning
LOKTAR cause temporal distension

MALYON animate [bring life to inanimate objects]

MARGI turn invisible things purple DEEP

MAXOV bind the energies of different magics HIGH <966
MEEF cause plants to wilt

MELBOR protect magic users from harm by evil beings

METAGLOG destroy a bridge over a body of water HIGH <966
MUSDEX bodily deformation

NARWHILE activate time tunnels {explore mystic pathways}    MIDDLE <966
NERZO balance checkbook

NIKMO create the urge to initiate a temporary relationship

NITFOL converse with beasts in their own tongue

Zm16 (957 GUE)
NONAV navigation and boat-guiding aid
NUMDUM [a common stupidity spell]
OBIDIL make caster more attractive to other creatures HIGH


Zm38 (957 GUE)
OTSUNG erase spell written in book with GNUSTO

OZMOO survive unnatural death [circumvent death]

PAX-TEN slow productivity through confusion

PLASTO disguise enchantment (look like someone else)
PULVER dry liquids

QUELBO transmute coconuts into gold
778Zm19 (957 GUE)
RADNOG ignite a fire
REZROV open even locked or enchanted objects MIDDLE <665Zm12 (957 GUE)
SATCHMOZ spatial displacement
c. 665
SNAVIG shape change to that of target creature DEEP

STEGAW turn eggs into ripe guano

SWANZO exorcise an inhabiting presence

TANSEY predict weather with fifty percent accuracy
THROCK causes plants/vegetation to grow DEEP

TINSOT freeze [water]

TOSSIO turn granite to fettucini

TRIZBORT spatial displacement
TTRUBEB create the illusion of pleasant weather HIGH

UMBOZ obviate need for dusting

URBZIG turn a dangerous object into a harmless one
VARDIK shield a mind from an evil spirit

VAXUM make a hostile creature your friend
VEZZA view the future

Zm90 (957 GUE)
VORZER seal open doors shut MIDDLE <665
VOXAM separate the energies of different magics HIGH <966
YASTARD send spirit through time
{enter the body of another}

Zm46 (957 GUE)
YOMIN mind probe

Zm28 (957 GUE)
YONK augment the power of certain spells 

YOZOZZO turn person into mallard, or vice versa


ZEMDOR turn original into triplicate
ZIFMIA magically summon a being

ZIKKLE turn invisible things visible
ZIMBOR turn one really big city into lots of tiny ashes
ZIMDOR triple quantity of intoxicating beverages DEEP <966
ZOOKA turn eggs into overripe cabbage

ZUGTHUG automatically correct speling errors

????? of gating
????? of honing
????? of mischief
????? of protection
????? of recall
????? of renewal
????? of saving

????? of undoing

????? arc spell
<398 BE
????? change road sign
????? entrap essence in a crystal ball
????? release essence from crystal ball
(reverse of above)

????? fumigation spells
spell of the homing pigeon
(returns lost possessions to their homes)


????? insect-extermination
????? long-life spell
????? mirror spell
????? protective circle undo
????? shrinking spell
"Dwindoid miniatus redoosic bibsio densafye."


????? turn embarassing photo invisible