For the first time since the New Year's Revolt over 130 years before, a king of Quendor took it upon himself to issue a thorough and wide-ranging compilation of every law, decree and enactment that had come forth from the royal government. This massive work, the Analecta Loowitica, is considered by many to be Loowit Flathead's crowning achievement. The final 23 volume work, released in 801 GUE, represented the first and only attempt to keep track of the ridiculous proliferation of royal legislation that had begun with Duncanthrax and his Unnatural Acts and ended with the 3,459 tax bills passed by Dimwit Flathead on the day of his death.

The last 19 volumes of this remarkable compilation were dedicated to Loowit’s immediate predecessor, Dimwit Flathead the Excessive, sometimes called the Thorough. Because of Dimwit's remarkable, and truly oftentimes annoying, tendency to issue royal decrees relating to any and every aspect of Quendoran life, Loowit’s legal compilation is thus a highly valuable source book for the history of Dimwit's bizarre and complicated reign. Incredible tales of the monarch's excessive whims that would otherwise appear to us as no more than oral legend take on a stark reality within the pages of the Analecta. To give but one example:

Analecta Loowitica XXII, xvi, 4 Dismembur 788


The Lord Dimwit Flathead to the people of Quendor: Anyone

withholding payment of all taxes decreed before this date shall be

killed along with everyone they have ever met.

What makes the Loowitica even more impressive is the fact that Loowit poured over every law one line at a time and edited each one to either reaffirm the law or declare it to be out of date. The end result of this effort was a massive loosening of restrictions; in one fell swoop nearly all of Dimwit's horrendous tax laws were cleaned from the books, preserved only in the final editions for the sake of historical thoroughness. It is for this reason that Loowit today is remembered as one of Quendor's most popular monarchs. Although he himself proposed little that was new or original, his willingness to undo some of his family's worst mistakes was a characteristic much appreciated by the bulk of the Quendoran population.

Unfortunately, despite this monumental undertaking, the updating committee was unable to go through the entire backlog of Dimwit Flathead's reign, and a vast majority of the Great Underground Empire's laws would still remain (hopelessly outdated) even into the Second Age of Magic.

SOURCE(S): A History of Quendor, Zork Nemesis [where the History of Quendor was wrongly used]