Anthar, the port city and capital of beautiful Antharia, is located on the southwestern edge of the island. An expansive misty-covered marsh, lying to the east of Anthar, ends at the bottom of sheer granite cliffs which contain the Antharian Caves, home to the Antharian Witches. The Coast Road continues northward from Anthar, beyond the Flathead Stadium to the North Anthar Granola Mines.

The bustling city is populated by its colorful denizens, the scent of the salty sea air, the subtle cries of gulls and surmin, the sidewalk vendors boldly hawking their wares, and the falconers boldly wearing their hawks.

Tourist attractions include the world-famous Zilton Hotel in downtown Anthar and The Rusty Knife in West Anthar. The shipbuilding facotires of South Anthar are said to be an amazing sight where tourists should plan to spend at least half a day (in 873 GUE, tours were available every hour from dawn until dusk and costed a mere Zm1).

Other popular shopping sites which were functional during the Great Monster Uprising, included the Antharia Mall, Bows'R'Us, and Aunt Sissy's Fudge Store.

Anthar was one of the safehavens were many of the refugees came from the Eastlands fearing the Curse Day of 883. By the time that dreaded day arrived, the city had more refugees than they could handle, and hastily constructed a fence to block the road to prevent more from arriving. The fence of rock and barbed wire was very tall and covered with sharp nasties.

Whenever THE DEAD came to Anthar (during at least the Great Monster Uprising), most of the population fortified buildings and hauled goods to and fro, packing up to leave until they passed by.