Prince Argonel was one of the rulers of Mareilon in the years of the formation of the Kingdom of Quendor. In 3 BE, the prince was at war against the armies of Galepath. Both sides begged the prince of the city-state of Quendor, which had remained neutral, to come to their aid. When the armies of Quendor, led by Entharion the Wise, arrived, both Galepath and Mareilon expected them to join their camp and help in the fight against the other. Soon it became clear that neither was the case; Entharion ordered the bugle to sound, and his forces descended with an amazing fury upon the unsuspecting coastal armies, hacking them to bits. The battle lasted barely three hours, and the results were devastating. When the dust had settled, the princes of Galepath and Mareilon, both of whom had been at hand, were laying their arms at the feet of the victorious Entharion, acclaiming his sovereignty.

Within three years, the Kingdom of Quendor would be birthed. Although the citizens of Mareilon had declared themselves one with the other provinces that had joined the confederation, they still saw Prince Argonel as the "rightful ruler of Mareilon." Argonel did not so easily bow to the whims of Entharion's sovereignty. In public he wore a fašade of comradeship and loyalty, but in his heart he despised the forced union. While most of the population of Mareilon, who had grown tired of the conflict, were in no position to rise up against Largoneth and Galepath, Argonel was able to rally enough soldiers to his cause, that when his treason was discovered, Entharion was not hesitant to quell the insurrection.

In the last days of Mareilon’s glorious independence, Mazimar Spildo of Galepath took up arms with Entharion against the city and overthrew the last remnants of its might. The king condemned Prince Argonel to die by the executioner’s axe, but in an attempt (a pathetic attempt as Argonel’s descendants would later recount), he allowed the prince’s wife and son to go free. These two and their descendants were relegated to generations of miserable existence as rope salesmen and mosquito net makers. Barely making ends meet, these descents of Argonel would watch and wait while those around them praised Entharion and spoke highly of the great debt they owed him. They would pass on to each generation tales of Entharion’s usurping of freedom and the cessation of Mareilon’s glorious independence, for subjecting them in an unequal alliance with the vile Galepath, and for making them pay undeserved allegiance to some frail monarch on a throne over two hundred bloits away. One of these, Zarfil, would play an important role some 400 years later.

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