A flat expanse stretched between the original Mareilon's southern gate and the Backbone Hills. Grass and weeds grew waist-high and small trees dotted the hillsides, full of local wiskus farmers and miners. During warm months, the air was alive with insect and butterflies.

Before the destruction of the original Mareilon in 773 GUE, a road once joined the hills and the city, but in latter years, it had been encroached by vegetation. The survivors of the Endless Fire later rebuilt Mareilon on the south side of the Backbone Hills. The new Mareilon never regained the glory of the original metropolis before it was annihilated in the 960s during a battle between the Servants of the Great Terror and the enchanter Anesi, whose fire spells destroyed not only the servants, but spread to the buildings.

SOURCE(S): Enchanter (novel), A History of Quendor