Illuymnite-Laced Bat Guano

  Cage of Bats (A) / (B)


Bats are often thought of as birds, but they are actually mouse-like, featherless, furry, flying rodents. Like birds though, they do have a natural proclivity for dropping little giftys behind them as they fly. To distinguish these moist offerings from bird droppings, they are given the name guano. Because of the bat's natural sonar, they can easily navigate through environs. The connection between milk and bats is a matter heavily debated by the philosophers of the Great Underground Empire.

With the formation of illumynite in the seventeenth century, bat guano began to become laced with particles of this luminous substance.Therefore, the heavy trail left behind by bats was easy to follow under dark conditions. This green, illumynite-laced guano later became a critical ingredient in making the invisibility potion, illumynade.

A variety of giant bats, known as vampire bats, frequently populate many regions of Zork, and their guano is even more plentiful.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork, Zork I, Zork Zero