Nanny Beeble was the governess to the Twelve Flatheads when they were children in the mid-eighth century. Her vivid memories of the experience include the fact that many of the children had teams of slaves exclusively to move their larger building blocks.

Old Nanny Beeble, the Governess of the Flathead dynasty, had to fight off a clutch of horrifying demons who were trying to interrupt the children’s nap. She learned that some demons will just nibble at children's cookies for days before they finish them off, and not pay even the slightest attention to anything else until they are finished. This was how Nanny Beeble was able to get rid of a clutch of horrifying demons who were trying to interrupt the children's nap in 723 GUE. She baked a mystical cookie dough mixed with chips off the Old Block, blessed it with the Tooth of Yoruk, and baked it all to golden perfection. Along with complimentary Blessed Milk, she through the cookies in a sack and dropped them down a chasm. Some details of this event are found in a diary she left, dated to the 13th of Jelly, 723 GUE:

Oh me oh my, what a busy week I’ve had. First little Dimwit started teething, then on Wands Day we were attacked by demons, and just yesterday the King fell into the lake! What a laugh we had, he was soaked to the bone, and his crown was terribly askew when he climbed out. But he took it all in good humor and only imprisoned a few of the servant boys over the mistake. In his youth we’d all have been fed to dragons, but I suppose age does mellow oneself to a degree.

On a side note, I should like to say that some kinds of demons, while extremely unpleasant and really rather rude, are surprisingly easy to subdue. I had everything I needed in the room, and have made a note of the method on a scroll, which I have deposited in a cave for safe keeping. I am confident that it shall remain there, kept safe lest I forget how I did it in my autumn years. Unfortunately I fear that my autumn years are closer than I would like, so in fear that I might forget where the cave itself is located, this should jog my memory:

Daring adventurers each have to attack lonesome Fensteron,

Stealing nothing, in a trivial nuisance, unmasking our monsters.

Ha, I should very much like to see some lowly adventurer try to figure that one out!

Well, Dimwit is crying again, so I must return to my duty, but I do very much look forward to next week’s Servant Toss. I believe the catapult has been primed to fire farther than ever! What a lark it all is.


This scroll, which detailed the exorcism process was hidden in the Flathead Mountains (the first letters of each of the words in the italic section above, reading from right to left, hid the name), and would not be seen again until the Great Monster Uprising when it was obtained and used by GUE Tech to banish some demonic influences from their great institution.