In 769 GUE Berzio was an obscure, little-known thaumaturge who had lived for years in his own self-made workshop, often going for days without food, drink, or sleep, but in that year he made a discovery that would change the world. He created the means by which magical Presence of any of the lesser spells could be transferred from a temporary scroll to a specially impregnated paper by use of a simple spell, which he named after his dog, Gnusto. This paper, in turn, held the Presence even after the Incantation had been finished, solving the major problem in spell production. The euphoria which greeted this discovery was tempered by the finding that very powerful spells could not be transferred in this way. Nevertheless, this gave rise to spell “books,” which were capable of permanently holding dozens of spells and were produced in great number. Thaumaturgy had yielded its second great money-making product, building the foundation for an entire new industry. And In time, auto-gnustoing became possible, with spells that automatically transferred themselves into spellbooks.

Berzio quickly gained a reputation as a great thaumaturge, and was honored by being the source of the name of the first magic potion, the BERZIO potion, which obviates the need for food and drink.