Zorbius Blattus, greatest of the modern philosophers of the ninth century, was a popular debunker of Brogmoidism, and other strange religious sects. For instance, sometime before 883 GUE, he was fond of asking, "If a giant Brogmoid were holding up the world, where would he stand?" He also once said that, "the greatest thing a person could ever, ever do is purchase coconuts."

Blattus also was an opponent to the platypus scenario as the reason for the fall of the Anatian Empire. In his “900 Questions on Just About Everything,” he saw fit to ask: “How exactly could a platypus live in a castle? Have you ever actually looked at a platypus?” For him, the question was important enough to come immediately after: “And where was the world sitting before the Brogmoid lifted it up?”

When the Frobozz Magic Globes were being produced, each one came with an inscription reading: "Since Zorbius Blattus and his brilliant refutation of the ancient superstitions concerning the flatness of the world, our minds have been liberated to view out world in light of the glory of the sphere."

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