Among the rarest high-altitude plants is the bonding plant found in the mountain passes around the Valley of the Sparrows. This plant is often found near signs. While scientific research has never verified its relationship to humans, it is widely believed that this plant creates an emotional bond with anyone who finds and removes one. While good mental health will not invigorate a bonding plant, this plant seems to wilt and eventually die when its "master" becomes sad or depressed.

It is also been said that a wilting and dying plant can sadden its master prematurely. Most remarkable of all is that the bond between these plants and their "masters" is not limited by physical barriers. Cases have been recorded where a plant has wilted and died from a saddened master in another continent!

This plant can be considered a perennial as it will grow anew at just about any time of the year. Once bonded with a human master, it will never sprout again in the same spot as long as it continues to exist, dead or alive.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork