Although the names of the original provinces are long since lost to us, several pre-Flathead maps have survived that show the original provincial boundaries. For the sake of convenience, the province of Bozbar is referred to by the name of its chief city. When Entharion the Wise united the city-states to form the nation of Quendor, Bozbar was one of seven-and-a-half provinces to enter the union (the others being Galepath, Mareilon, Quendor, Znurg, Vriminax, Frobozz, and Borphee).

During the Zucchini blights of the mid-fifth century, the zucchini crop in both Bozbar and Vriminax were ruined for four seasons (from 460 to 463). By 474, the wars as a result of these Zucchinis, as well as the population losses inflicted by the ongoing famine caused Bozbar to suffer the longest throughout the entire affair. City and provincial records record a population drop of an astounding 70% in just under ten year. This pathetic state of affairs was in clear evidence throughout the entire duration of the conference at Znurg which freed the nations from this conflict.

At the time of Zilbo III's removal from power in 660 GUE, the provinces were divided along rather arbitrary and outdated boundary lines that had not been altered since the time of Entharion. In that same year, Pseudo-Duncanthrax raised a tremendous army to wage a systematic conquest of the neighboring kingdoms. He moved swiftly and brutally against the southern half of Borphee and put an end to the tottering and defenseless dynasty of Mauldwood. Finally accomplishing the merger of the two halves, Pseudo-Duncanthrax called the resulting territory Greater Borphee Province. This move began a trend; one by one, the neighboring principalities of Miznia, Gurth, and Mithicus were brought under Quendoran sway and given new provincial administrations. With the completion of the conquest of the Westlands, Duncanthrax was faced with the peculiar problem of absorbing lands several times the size of his original kingdom. Clearly it made little sense to turn each conquered land into an individual province, since any one of the new territories would be much larger than most of the original provinces combined. At this point, realizing that the original seven provinces were now too small to be effective in the new system, one of his many administrative reforms was merging Galepath, Mareilon, Quendor, Znurg, Vriminax, Bozbar, and Frobozz all into the Province of Frobozz, thus bringing to completion the creation of the provincial system as we know it: Frobozz, Greater Borphee, Miznia, Gurth, and Mithicus.

Although the confederacy of the provincial system dissolved at the fall of the Empire in 883 and many of the city-states reverted back to their former independence as in the days prior to Entharion, it is unknown what became of Bozbar. No references are made of this province at either the Conference of Quendor nor any other moment in history to follow. It may be possible that the city-states Vriminax and Quendor absorbed Bozbar into their territories when they occupied the western half of the former Frobozz Province in 884.

TRIVIA: Bozbar was the home province of Bozbo Throckrod II.