Since the Nemesis began to visit Andrew Brog of Port Foozle, he no longer feared the devil. A summary of his experience can be found in the journal of Bivotar the Brave (dated Estuary 1, 948 GUE):

"Blood runs in the streets where he goes. The madness begins later. It’s hard, so very hard. And the hallucinations—I can’t remember which came first, the hallucinations or the killings. The pain… it started at night, in our dreams. The four would come to us, begging, pleading. Unspeakable atrocities, written in the dunes, the dirt, the skies… we would see these things and scream out afraid. The first one to die was skinned alive by his own tent-mate, as he screamed about the lady and her lover. We can’t ever escape those two…ever. Please. That’s all."

These subject of these dreams included the four alchemists: Erasmus Sartorius, Francois Malveaux, Thaddeus Kaine, and Sophia Hamilton; and the two lovers: Lucien Kaine and Alexandria Wolfe.

SOURCE(S): Zork Nemesis (Bivotar's Journal [including unedited version])