The annual Camp Egreth Royal Guardsmen's Convention was established by the surviving government(s) after the fall of the Empire in 883 GUE to encourage the remaining watchmen and other peacekeepers of the Great Underground Empire to remember their stature as an honored guild.
With a duration of more than week, the annual convention was held at a different secret location each year, consisting of daily banquets.

Despite a brief abuse of the gathering by Mir Yannick in the mid-elventh century (he seemed to think it should be an occasion to practice totemization procedures and parade for his personal staff), it remained popular with what is otherwise a beleaguered but critically important occupation.

Most adventurers vaguely support CERG, since without these brave souls, the remaining cities of the the Great Underground Empire would not offer much rest or protection to the struggling adventurer. This respect is usually offered at a distance, since some units are a bit over-eager to find replacements for the outer walls.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, personal correspondence from the author of 'A Wizard and His Cocoa' quest)