Unnoticed by the inexperienced adventurer, cave behemoths appear to be an extention of a cavernous tunnel. At a distance (and with inadequet lighting), their smooth and pearly white teeth appear to be but long ranges of slighly curved stalagmites and stactities lining both sides of the tunnel. But be wary; this is the jaw of the cave behemoth! Other symptoms of having wandered into the mouth of these fearsome monster, include the air becoming oddly warm and moist, and the tunnel having an unusually soft and slimy texture. Once an ignorant adventurer ventures too far into the throat to have adequet time to escape, the jaws quickly snap close and a loud resonating burp usually follows.

IMAGE01: the maw of a cave behemoth closed behind two adventurers

SOURCE(S): Zork: The Cavern of Doom