Chuck was a homosexual dragon alive during the tenth century. His legs alone were taller than the tallest trees and his leathery membranous wings, all shades of red and gold. His big red tongue could be used as a slide for brogmoids. The scales of the sleek crimson body glittered like rubies, its eyes burned with a fierce diamond fire that shamed the sun. When the dragon opened his mouth to scream, a crackling fury boiled in its throat beyond a forest of ivory teeth. With golden eyebrows, red-and-gold pinion, and ivory claws that were each as long as a man was tall, Chuck held the image of one of the most beautiful female dragons (save the deep, gruff and masculine voice, with an odd purr hidden somewhere in it).

His home was on the western shore of the Shallow Sea. From there, he used to haunt a particular dragon bar, where half of the clientele were part of the Every-Third-Saturday-of-the-Month Leather Club.

Chuck’s "mate" in the mid-tenth century was another male dragon by the name of Chet. The two were not accepted into the dragon community for obvious reasons. While the two were flying over the countryside together near Arbroneth, the wizard Dispoz took obsessive interest in Chuck. Thinking him to be a female dragon, Dispoz AIMFIZed Chuck into a cell which he had prepared for him beneath Arbroneth. Then Dispoz sent forth to capture Chet, which he die, chaining him down over a chasm to make a bridge.

After Dispoz caught the dragon, he forgot about everything else. He loved Chuck; was consumed with “her”. They had all sorts of go-rounds down in the cell. Dispoz called him his ‘precious’ like it was the most valuable thing he owned, like it was a ring or something.

When Anesi and his companions arrived at Arbroneth, Tyrillee, fearing Dispoz, slipped away into the lower regions of the keep. When she descended to the dungeon, she found Chuck the dragon who was still imprisoned deep below. She wanted to free him. When Chuck caught sight of the dryad’s red poncho, he was thrown into a rage, for the dragon could not tolerate the color red. He shook the entire foundations of the keep trying to break free from his chains.

Dispoz left to ensure that the dragon would not escape, while Anesi and his friends followed after. The wizard tried to prevent them from sundering the chains which held Chuck a prisoner, but was unable to prevent Anesi from REZROVing them. The red dragon freed broke free, destroying much of Arbroneth with him as he emerged from the dungeon. Using powerful enchantments, Dispoz transformed himself into a blue dragon and engaged in heavy warfare against Chuck. The fight lasted well on into the night. Dispoz kept trying to rip out Chuck’s heart, but he did not know that the dragon’s heart was not in the same place as a human’s. After Chuck was victorious he cremated Chet’s bones and joined with those who had helped free him. It was only because of Anesi’s NITFOL that they were able to converse with the friendly creature. Chuck bore the companions to old Mareilon before leaving them off to return to the Shallow Sea. Before he departed, Anesi gifted him with a sapphire necklace which was only large enough to be fitted halfway up one of Chuck’s single talons.

Chuck showed his friends the necklace and they insisted on meeting Anesi right away. The flight of nearly twenty dragons, on their way to find Anesi, spotted four of the Servants of the Terror cruising the coastline of the Shallow Sea. They pursued them to Dolo Finis, where Anesi and his companions were having their final round with the Great Terror. The dragons easily managed to defeat the four Servants, giving Anesi the necessary opportunity to conquer the Great Terror. After the victory, Chuck flew the companions back north, depositing them at Borphee and near Caper’s Hill.

TRIVIA: Once Chuck knew a kid who was color-blind and had a terrible accent. Never could say his name right. Used to bring him string and sealing wax and other fancy stuff. Real sweet, but weird. A real weird kid.