Grote Clutchcake was the cook of the Rusty Lantern in Grubbo-by-the-Sea in 966 GUE. For many years Grote had been after a 877 GUE Frobozz Magic Wine Company bottle in the Rusty Lantern's wine cellar, but had been unable to obtain it due to the nest of monsters within. When an unknown peasant retrieved it for him, the cook's reward was a giant onion which had previously wone second place at the Borphee County Fair. Once the Coconut of Quendor had been acquired from the lair of an Ur-Grue, Grote, the peasant who had obtained it, Y'Gael, Cardinal Toolbox, and an old sailor sailed away from Grubbo and into the sky upon a magical ship. For reasons unknown, this ship met an unknown terrible fate, crashing in Great Sea near the Dragon Archipelago and the Coconut of Quendor was obtained by the griffs. Though Y'Gael survived the shipwreck, it is unknown if Grote Clutchcake was numbered with her.