demon imprisoned by Wizard of Frobozz (A) / (B)
    demon imprisoned by Malifestro (A) / (B)
    a demon riding its victim (A)

Demons are evil spirits of great power. While wickedly deceptive, many demons will grant favors in return for goodwill towards them (though many of their return favors are deceptive and they will always seek a loophole--for example, should one request riches, the demon will simply steal the riches from another, as it has no power to create riches on its own.) Since well before the tenth century, the demons had a strong union and were thus prohibited from performed tasks for free. It is extremely dangerous to make any sort of bargain, peaceful or wrathful with a demon. Avoidance at all costs with these evil entities is highly recommended. It is known that some demons are powerful enough to raise souls from the dead and replace them within their recently dead bodies (although this is a highly risky method). Demons also are able to possess victims, "riding" them to conform to their evil manipulations. Only the holy and righteous are protected from their influence, although some enchanters have been mildly successful with shielding their minds with the VARDIK spell. Demons are members of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association.

There are many different types of demons with abilities so unique and numerous that each one must be dissected individually. Apart from the nineteen demons, each a cross between a carrot and a sledge hammer, which were seen in a tenth century illusion in Largoneth, there are several encounters with demons which have unfortunately lent their guiding hand to the shaping of Zork.

The first was a terrible Demon First Class with over 700 years of experience which had been imprisoned in the seventh century by the great Malifestro in a black crystal sphere and kept at his command for over 300 years. This demon (which loved the taste of tender elf meat) feared the power of Malifestro and did not even have enough power to defeat him. The foolish Bivotar, upon hearing that his uncle Syovar had been murdered by the evil warlock, released the wicked demon from his magical prison and made a pact with it. The evil spirit requested that in exchange for their bottle of Frobozz Magic Wizard Escape Potion, he would grant them any wish that was within his power to fulfill. Do to their distrust, he was willing to grant their request of raising Syovar from the dead before taking his payment. Once the dead was completed, the demon took thepotion and departed.

Another demon of the same type, whose little finger was powerful enough to move mightly menhirs, was imprisoned by the Wizard of Frobozz inside a similiar black magic sphere. The idiotic, or perhaps ignorant, second Dungeon Master freed the demon from his prison, then proceeded to enlist his help by the delivering of ten ancient treasures of the Great Underground Empire. In accordance with his pact, the demon returned the favor of his freedom by plucking the wand of the Wizard of Frobozz out of his hand and laying it before the Dungeon Master. The demon they faded into smoke which dispersed. It is known that the terms of this demon's contract were explicit enough to forbid him from answering questions or performing menial tasks, as the penalty clauses were devilish.

The lesser demon which Yoruk followed into Hades was of average height and build with two sharp horns protruding from its forehead, and a set of enormous, featherless wings attached to its back. Its eyes effused a reddish glow. When Yoruk held onto this demon's cloak, he was impervious to the intense heat of the Underworld passages. Another demon, the Great Daemon of the Threshold, was a major demon, the grand demon of them all.

Belegur us surrounded nearly night and day by an entire host of demons, including the Great Daemon of the Threshold, which he permits to share a dwelling place with him within the bowels of Hades. An obscure historical legend tells that King Duncanthrax was a demon who assumed human form, although little credence is given to this notion. One of history's most famous demons is the evil being Jeearr, who came close to gaining control over the entire world in 957 GUE. Another is the dreaded Great Terror, which sought to dominate in both the first and tenth centuries.

Some demons will just nibble at children's cookies for days before they finish them off, and not pay even the slightest attention to anything else until they are finished. This was how Nanny Beeble was able to get rid of a clutch of horrifying demons who were trying to interrupt the children's nap in 723 GUE. She baked a mystical cookie dough mixed with chips off the Old Block, blessed it with the Tooth of Yoruk, and baked it all to golden perfection. Along with complimentaryBlessed Vial, she through the cookies in a sack and dropped them down a chasm.

During the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, demons were reported in the following regions: The Southern Wastes, The Gray Mountain Asylum, Mines of Mendon, Pheebor, the Lost Castle of Y'Syska, Discipline Beach, Crab Island, Kovalli Desert, Egreth Castle, The Glazz Maze, Bozbarland, The Lingolf Estate, Largoneth Castle, and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.