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The most famous battle of the Eastlands campaign demonstrated Pseudo-Duncanthrax’s daring, cunning and ruthlessness. The Diablo Massacre, occurred at the Zorbel Pass in 666 GUE when the invading armies of King Duncanthrax met a native militia of Eastland troll warriors. The Quendoran invaders were outnumbered but well-armed; the natives were equipped only with wooden clubs and a large piece of very strong garlic. Despite these crude weapons, the natives entrenched themselves at the exit of the narrow path and managed to hold the larger army at bay for some time, taking advantage of the narrow battleground to limit the size of Pseudo-Duncanthrax’s vanguard to only a few men at a time, but the King had a plan.

He responded by making a feint with his vanguard, attacking the heavily entrenched enemy. After a short skirmish, the brave general ordered a hasty retreat—the majority of his troops pulled out of the gorge. The natives, thinking they had forced a retreat and imagining victory was within their grasp, began a pell-mell pursuit of the remaining forces. Pseudo-Duncanthrax led the natives through the pass and out into the plains beyond. And there, on open ground, his waiting army closed on the chaotic hoard and swiftly cutting through their meager ranks, destroyed them. This battle marked the end of the last pathetic resistance to Pseudo-Duncanthrax’s campaign. Military historians consider the routing of the native militia as a key moment in the conquering of the Eastlands. The remaining portions of the land were conquered without much difficulty, and within months, Duncanthrax was in control of the entire territory. And the other less sentient beings who occupied the land, such as many of the trolls and gnomes, were kept alive during the Duncanthrax conquests both for manual labor and their inherent novelty.

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