Earl, 931 GUE

   Earl, 1067 GUE
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In 931 GUE, Earl was employed as the bartender of Jack's Speakeasy in Port Foozle. He lost his job later that year when Antharia Jack was forced to foreclose on the property to cover gambling debts. Earl later joined the Second Inquisition, and was comissioned to run the Port Foozle Inquisition Gift Kiosk where he sold Inquisition merchandise, such a Talk-to-Me Grand Inquisitor dolls. For a time (in at leat 1066), he co-operated the stand with an unknown member of the Inquisition Guard.

In 1067, after Earl was finished working the stand in the town square for the night, AFGNCAAP set fire to one of highly flammable Grand Inquisitor dolls. Earl was the one to report the fire. In the process, AFGNCAAP hid and Antharia Jack, being the Foozle fireman, arrived on scene to put out the fire. As AFGNCAAP was no where in sight, Jack was arrested by Wartle for the crime.

SOURCE(S): Zork: Grand Inquisitor, Zork: The Undiscovered Underground (manual)