Elves are a mysterious race of magical humanoids. There are two types of elves, the short dwarf-like ones (which may be called dwarf-elves to distinguish them) and the tall, green-skinned race. Elves are excellent craftsman, having forged the most trustworthy and popular blades in all of Zork. Forged in their fabled workshops, these elfin blades have been the most commonly wielded weapon by adventurers of all eras. It has also been said that Frobozz Magic Gunk, which is great for patching leaks, was inspired (or plagurized) from elven technology. In some regions, the miniture elves ally with gnomes, staying up all night making the world's best footwear. Other elvish craftsmanship includes cloaks of stealth and intricate silver chain mail which is remarkably light and supple.

The many ancient relics and depictions of elfin hacking rites in the ruins of the Great Underground Empire are evidence that at one time elves were abundant natives of the Eastlands, but since the fall of the Empire have rarely been encountered there. The last records of elfin occupation in the east were during the days of Syovar the Strong, who not only employed elves to work the concessions selling sweetmeats and rare fruits from far-off lands, but was very close to a pair of dwarf-elves named Max and Fred.

Apart from the paintings found hanging upon the ancient walls of Largoneth Castle, the Westlands are home to at least one surviving Kingdom of the Elves, of whose hidden location is well-disputed amongst scholars. These green-skinned elves converse in their own unique tongue and rarely venture outside their realm. It was only out of desperation that the elfin princess Myla of this kingdom make contact with humans prior to the close of the First Age of Magic (c. 957-966 GUE). Threatened by a terrible cyclops and with many of their men having been lost in battle, she set out to find a warrior worthy to defeat this beast. Another group of elves, known as Christmas elves, were said to have been ruled by a jolly, fat tyrant.

Faux elves were most prevalent during the Great Monster Uprising.

Elves are members of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association.

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