The Elvenhome Bar and Grill was a respectable tavern in new Mareilon owned by Letitia Rhonda. A simple wooden board nailed to the front of an otherwise plain-fronted building marked it out from amongst the rest. Painted on the board was a tree under seven stars and the words, "Elvenhome Bar and Grill, L. Rhonda, proprietor." Then under that, "Have it our way or have it somewhere else!" And under that, "Rooms to let: completely unreasonable rates."

The Elvenhome Bar and Grill was completely incinerated about 966 GUE with the rest of new Mareilon when a powerful fire spell of the enchanter Anesi set more than just his enemies ablaze (although at the same time, much of the tavern had already been destroyed by the Servants of the Terror).

SOURCE(S): Enchanter (novel)