Enchanted Topiary, 948 GUE (above), (B)

The only known Enchanted Topiary was found at the southern end of a formal garden at the eastern side second level of the Dungeon of Zork. In 948 GUE, these fantastically shaped hedges and bushes were arrayed with geometric precision. While they had not been recently clipped, the following creatures could be discerned in the shapes of the bushes: a dragon, a unicorn, a great serpent, a huge misshapen dog, and several human figures. These animals were quiet assassins, looking for any opportunity to sneak up behind any intruders that waited around long enough, crushing them with branches and clawing with thorns.

It is uncertain if these bushes remained enchanted after Morgrom's renovations of the topiary sometime in the decade and a half before the end of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE). For during his reign as File Restorer, Morgrom trimmed the hedges into things that could be used as weapons: a knife, a revolver, a coil of rope ending in a noose, something that looked like a bent pipe, a wrench, and a candlestick.

SOURCE(S): Zork II, The Zork Chronicles