The Encyclopedia Frobozzica, a publication of the Frobozz Magic Encyclopedia Company, is the finest of its kind in the known world. All entries are meticulously compiled by the Frobozz Magic Encyclopedia Research Company, the illustrations are faithfully reproduced by the Frobozz Encyclopedia Illustration Company, and the facts are all double, triple, and quadruple-checked by the Frobozz Magic Encyclopedia Accuracy and Verification Company. No library should be without one! Earlier editions are perfect, but not as perfect as the most recent, the definitive collection of the knowledge of the Age of Magic.

The 882 GUE unabridged illustrated edition was so thorough, that a team of mules was required to move it.

The 966 GUE abridged version, edited by Nino Ruffini, contains an incredible amount of information on the Great Underground Empire.

Even today, unknown persons are attempting to rewrite Zorkian history and are circulating revisionist versions. The Guardian is roaming the countryside and confiscating bogus versions. The true abridged version has some alphabetization errors.

SOURCE(S): Sorcerer, Zork Zero, Return to Zork (Encyclopedia Frobozzica)