An epozz is a unit of measurement that denotes a particular geological period of history on Zork. The first and most ancient epozz, existing prior to the great disaster has never been given an official name as it is discounted by the evolutionists and only exists in religious documents. The five to follow it have been dated differently depending on one's worldview. It is uncertain when/if the Curseolithic has ended and which Epozz we are currently within. The so-called Futurelithic Age is used by temporal travelers to refer to any period of time existing after the present age.

In the chart to follow, the first dates given are those that are generally accepted by those who believe in the creation of Zork by Eru and a team of Implementors (along with a Great Brogmoid that holds up the world) while those who believe in evolution and deny such things commonly accept those of the second column.

Frobeolithic Glacier between 3120~2439 BE c. 1,000,000 BE
Frobozzolithic Lake between 3120~2439 BE c. 50,000 BE
Brogmolithic Volcano c. 2439 BE c. 30,000 BE
Zorkeolithic c. 2000 BE~883 GUE
c. 10,000 BE~883 GUE
883 GUE~?????
883 GUE~?????

SOURCE(S): Zork Nemesis, A History of Quendor