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The dreary Ferryman's Isle, also known as the Isle of Mist, is a small jagged, rocky island and the pupil of the underground Whispering Lake which is surrounded by the Whispering Woods. A thick fog envelopes this entire area, and, when mixed with the unqiue qualities of the woods, produce a deadly fume. (See 'Whispering Woods' entry.)

Voyage by boat is one of the only means to reach this island. Operating a small boat, the ferryman will transport anyone from a dock on the northern end of the Whispering Woods (which forms the boundary of the north shore of the lake), to the north shore of the isle for the correct fee. 

In the 1640s, the mage Canuk retired to an isolated condo shack on the isle's peak. Thus a single winding trail now leads up to the shack.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork