The Festeron Police Force was proud of the extreme newness of their bright uniforms, the brilliant shine of their badges, the sameness of all their pleasant smiles. Like nearly everyone in Festeron, their overwhelming courtesy totally disarmed the lawbreakers, making them feel more like they were buying a pair of shoes than getting arrested. Apprehensions were accompanied by kind, elaborate and highly informative tours of the island.

The Festeron Police Headquarters, at the western end of Festeron Circle was a modest gray stone edifice. It was ordinary, but the pleasantries of Festeron did not deprive if of heavily barred windows like any other jail. The cells were each equipped with a designer buck, and there was no need to fear reduced rations, as the bread was actually a pair of freshly backed croissants or cinnamon buns, and the water, bottled. In alignment with the citywide curfew, thirty minutes of soothing music would be piped into the cell to help the prisoners relax and prepare for the coming day. Morning would follow with the sounds of a bright pop song.

Sergeant MacGuffin was in chrage of Festeron's Police Force during at least the mid-twelfth century and most likely afterwards.

While the curse of Witchville was in effect, the Festeron Police Force was replaced by a group of living boots known at the Boot Patrol, and later the friendly policemen, gone corrupt throughout the night, were employeed as the ruthless human Boot Patrol, in spirit of the original. Once the entire Boot Patrol had been exterminated by Amy Sue Grue, the Festeron Police Force advertized, seeking qualified police help.

The jail had four levels, the first level, commonly referred to as the jail, and three lower levels referred to as the dungeon (the first, second, and underdungeon). The cells in this lowest subbasement were dirty and unpleasant, only used during the curse of Witchville. It is now known that several of the cells were linked to the underground tunnels which entwined beneath the island by the means of secret doors and covered holes.

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