The blonde haired Fidget once lived in the extreme northern regions of the Westlands near Caper’s Hill. Except for his family, Anesi’s family, only one or two hunters chose to live alone in the isolated parts—there was not another soul around for miles. When Fidget was younger, Felbor pulled him from the jaws of a deadly nabiz. Although old Felbor tolerated no visitors at all, the two became fast friends after that and he taught Fidget every bit of woodcraft he knew, including how to improve arrow points. “Fidge” was the name Felbor’s pet brogmoid, Cubby, gave him.

Fidget loved the woods and moved about the old trees like one of the forest animals, perfectly at home. As long as he had his bow and a quiver of arrows, Fidget would go anywhere. But yet he was always talking about what he was going to do someday. Fidget also had a close relationship with his best friend Anesi who was a few years older than him, coming by almost every day to visit him.

In the days shortly before the end of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE), one of the Servants of the Terror awoke from its underground lair in the forest near Fidget’s home. After killing Felbor, the Servant, in the form of a mammoth hellhound, ruined his home and killed his parents and baby sister. The tragedy was so traumatizing that Fidget went mute for several days. Anesi and Fidget were together able to defeat the Servant: Fidget lured the servant’s attention with arrows, while an IZYUKed Anesi IZYUKed a cornerpost of the destroyed house to use as a giant spear to pierce the hellhound’s skull.

Afterward, the two friends explored the lair of the Servant, acquiring weapons and riches from its lair. When cornered by a ferocious band of kobolds in the tunnels, they were both saved by Cubby. Since Felbor was dead, Fidget took the brogmoid under his wing. To flee being found out by the other six Servants, which were able to sense the death of the seventh, Anesi went southward to confront the Great Terror. Fidget and Cubby accompanied him.

Most of the details of Anesi’s journey may be found in his section, as well as in the History of Zork. What follows are some highlights of Fidget’s role in that quest. The young archer was the one with enough courage to behead the Dimwit Flathead marionette in Arbroneth, fought valiantly against Dispoz with the rest of his companions, foolishly allured the wrathful wind of a stinky surmin when his arrow missed it, was a crutch for Anesi when wounded by rocks thrown by grues, and was a supportive and dependable friend.

Once the Great Terror had been defeated, Chuck the dragon flew Fidget and Cubby to Borphee. He had never been to a truly big city, and wanted to sample the experiences of the urban lift while he had the advantage of a guide—Cubby the brogmoid. He had no family to go home to anyway. Fidget had seen all he wanted of the slimehole Borphee in about an hour. So he took part of the treasure that was given to him and went to the nearest guild enchanter, who charged a bundle, but arranged an AIMFIZ to bring Fidget to Anesi. Fidget suggested hunting for the Hoards of the Seven Servants, but the results of this scavenger hunt to this date is still unknown.

Cherries were Fidget's favorite food.