A Painting Depicting:
'The Day of His Wrath'

The few researchers brave enough to use the Phee Hourglass to travel ahead into the future as far as 3690 GUE have reported a devastated and ruined landscape, with loose, charred earth stretching away in every direction. All chronicles referring to this desolate era have called it the Final Conflagration, 'The Day of His Wrath' (that is, Eru), a deliberate reference to various ancient prophecies that predict all kinds of zorkquakes and fires on the day that the Great Brogmoid finally lies down to sleep. Although most brogmoidists throughout history have been hesitant to predict an exact date for this event, claiming that doing so infringes upon the freewill of the great being, the best guesses of temporal scholars have placed the date at some point immediately before 3690.

SOURCE(S): Beyond Zork, A History of Quendor