Little is known about the religious beliefs of the First Church of Festeronian Science. The quaint, though beautiful old village church standing at the northern end of Festeron Circle, had a little white steeple straight out of a country postcard, completed with stained glass windows and bell tower. At one time, the church was known to have preserved a magically lit candle that remained lit even when dipped beneath the surface of the water. Humorously, the large speaker which solemnly proclaimed "Thou shalt not steal" when someone lifted the candle was not enough to stop a curious postal worker from removing it from the church.

During the Witchville curse, this church fell into ruins with many smashed windows, doors falling from their hinges, not a trace of light, and everything coated with a thick layer of dust.

When Simon was the postman, this church was one of the secret locations of Gladys' laboratory during the Witchville curse. She protected its entrances with illusions of barbed-wire fences.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer, Wishbringer (novel)