Duncwit Flathead was the ninth king of the Flathead Dynasty. He came to the throne in 813 GUE after Loowit Flathead, and was succeeded by Barbawit Flathead. He reigned from Flatheadia for 30 years until he was exiled in 843 GUE.

As the records of Duncwit are almost noexistent, nothing much is known regarding this member of the dynasty save a few scattered sources, which tell that he was more than a little disturbed by the simultaneous deaths of a dozen relatives in 789, and spent most of his remaining years in the grips of a mortal fear for his own life. Syovar and the ever level-headed Lord Feepness were the guiding hands of the kingdom for most of this period while the crown was upon the head of this cowardly monarch.

A few obscure accounts speak of the Flathead king "going off the deep end." After “the bizarre and pathetic climax of the long and complicated reign,” this coward was deposed and exiled in 843 GUE. The Royal Militia and a key group of chief advisors turned to the exiled monarch's eldest son Barbawit Flathead, who would share with his nephew Wurb Flathead the inauspicious distinction of reigning for barely two years before being toppled from power in 845, when another of Duncwit's sons, Idwit Oogle, would assume the throne.