JOHN D. FLATHEAD, Captain of Industry

John D. Flathead was born in 725 GUE. By 743 GUE, this young entrepreneur graduated from the venerable Borphee Business School. In the same year, there were mot than 17,000 subsidiaries of FrobozzCo International.

At age 22, John D. founded Flathead Industries. FI's business was inventing other companies, which it would then sell to FrobozzCo. Within three years, FI had an annual income of 80,000,000 zorkmids. Eventually, the conglomerate decided to buy FI, renaming it the Frobozz Magic Company Company. John D. became one of FrobozzCo's 39,000 vice-presidents.

It didn't take John D. long to parlay his business acumen and royal connections into the chairmanship of FrobozzCo. Years of heady growth followed. When John D.'s older brother Dimwit became king, FrobozzCo received every contract for Dimwit's incredible projects. Hundreds of new subsidiaries were formed daily. He donated nonworking models of Thomas Alva Flathead's Frobozz Magic Compressed and Room Spinner, as well as a working Frobozz Magic Temporizer to the Technology Museum in the Royal Museum in 776 GUE. In 781 a huge 400-story headquarters opened in Flatheadia.

John D.'s long-time goal was for FrobozzCo to control every single zorkmid of commerce in the Great Underground Empire. The lone holdout, a small rutabaga farm in Mithicus, finally sold out to FrobozzCo in 789. John D. never heard the news, however. He disappeared on 14 Mumberbur that same year, along with a huge entourage, while touring the factories of the Frobozz Magic Snowmaking Equipment Company in the Gray Mountains.

His corpse was later placed in the Tomb of the Twelve Flatheads and his skull upon a pole outside the same crypt by the "Keeper of the Dungeon." Although dead, the Twelve Flatheads foresaw that some cretin might tamper with their remains. Therefore, they took steps to punish trespassers with a curse. It is assumed that his remains are still there to this day.

Other than Lucrezia, John D. seems to be the only twelve of the Flatheads with decendents. His son John D. Flathead II followed in his suit as chairman of FrobozzCo International.