Lucille Flathead, was born sometime in 788-9 GUE to Lucrezia Flathead and an unknown enchanter in the Flatheadia dungeon. On 14 Mumberbur 789, when Lucrezia was killed, the enchanter made a daring escape soon after with their child in tow. He spirited the young Lucille away to the recesses of the deepest underground, known only as The Dark—a network of catacombs beneath the prison.

It took all he could do to protect the child from the terrible curse on the House of Flathead—and only when he was certain that the child was to be spared, the enchanter disappeared, completely sapped of his powers. He was last seen in the general direction of Miznia, near Gurth. Rumor had it he had fallen to work as a lowly miner, perhaps having started another family, bit he had never been heard from again.

The female descendents of Lucille Flathead were all protected from the Curse of Megaboz and continued to be born with traditionally flat heads. Thus the Flathead seed still feared for their lives, remaining hidden in The Dark, apart from the rest of the Empire. Flatheads aside, in every generation there had appeared to be one daughter who was a telepath. c. 989 GUE saw the birth of Lucy Flathead.